Best Data migration tools

In this article, we will consider the best Data migration tools and discuss the algorithm of how to move files from SSD to HDD.

What is Data migration?

In our daily life, moving information from one place to another is nothing more than a simple copy and paste operation. When it comes to migrating millions of units of data to a new system, things get much more complicated.

Migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other components hosted on servers within an organization to the cloud infrastructure. This process is not as easy as it might seem. It includes many preparatory and post-migration activities, including planning, backups, quality testing, and verification of results. Migration is completed only when the old system, database, or environment is shut down.

What drives companies to transfer their information assets?

Usually, the data transfer is part of a larger project such as

  • modernization or replacement of outdated software,
  • system and storage capacity expansion,
  • implementation of an additional system running in parallel with the existing application,
  • moving to a centralized database to eliminate data silos and ensure interoperability,
  • transfer of IT infrastructure to the cloud, or
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A), when IT landscapes must be combined into a single system.

Modernization of technologies and abandonment of outdated systems is an inevitable component of modern business. This process also involves transferring all your data from one system to another. This is data migration.

Types of Data migration

Let’s define the migration types:

  • Transferring data from storage. The process of transferring data from existing arrays to more modern ones allows you to open access to other systems. Delivers significantly higher performance and cost-effective scaling, as well as expected data management features such as cloning, snapshot, backup, and disaster recovery.
  • Migration to the cloud. The process of moving data, applications, and other business elements from your own data center to the cloud, or from one cloud to another. In many cases, this process is accompanied by the transfer of data from the storage system.
  • Transferring applications. The process of porting applications from one environment to another. This could include moving an entire application from its own data center to the cloud, moving between clouds, or simply moving the underlying application data to a new forum hosted by the software vendor.

Migration to the cloud of IT infrastructure includes:

  • analysis of data models in the source and target systems;
  • identification of potential shortcomings and an indication of methods and ways to eliminate them;
  • analysis of existing data in terms of completeness, logical and physical consistency;
  • modeling of network structures in the target system;
  • transfer of test and production data;
  • launch of working infrastructure in the cloud.

Best Data migration tools 

The list of the most known Data migration services includes the following:

  • Azure Database Migration Service
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Search and Replace
  • UCloud
  • Migrate DB

Data scientist jobs for beginners

Many beginners ask what they need to know and be able to get their first job as a programmer. So, in this article, we will discuss the requirements for the Data Scientist jobs.

Who is a Data Scientist?

The ability to work with Big Data technologies is a rare and valuable skill that opens up the prospect of becoming a super-demanded and highly paid specialist for you.

Data Scientists are people who are engaged in big data: they find patterns and draw conclusions that are useful for their company.

There are several types of Data Science vacancies in the job market. These “types” have a gradation on the level of experience – of course, these boundaries are very blurred and are generalizations, but for convenience, we will choose these three. In ascending order, these are entry-level, junior and senior.

Entry-level or novice date Scientist is a newcomer to the industry. This person does not have a clear idea of the work of the data expert, at least in terms of this workflow. A typical novice Data Scientist is a person who has just received his degree and is now trying to find a job in this now popular field. Some novice professionals already have experience working for the company, but this is a very rare case.

Requirements to the  Data Scientists

Here’s a list of the skills and knowledge that any Data Scientist needs to get started:

  • Mathematical logic, linear algebra and higher mathematics. Without this, it will not be possible to build a model, find patterns, or predict something new.
  • Knowledge of machine learning. The job of a data scientist is to analyze data of huge size, and it is impossible to do it manually.
  • Programming in Python and R. Python is an ideal language for machine learning and neural networks.
  • Ability to receive and visualize data. Not all data scientists are so lucky that they immediately receive ready-made datasets for processing.

What does Data Scientist do? 

Data Scientist applies Data Science methods to process large amounts of information. He builds and tests mathematical models of data behavior. This helps to find patterns in them or to predict future values. For example, based on past demand data, a data scientist can help a company predict next year’s sales. Models are built using machine learning algorithms, and databases are operated using SQL.

In large companies, a Data Scientist is a person that all departments need:

  • help marketers analyze loyalty card data and understand which customer groups what to advertise;
  • for logisticians, it will study data from GPS trackers and optimize the transportation route;
  • It will help the HR department to predict which of the employees will quit soon by analyzing their activity during the working day;
  • with salespeople will forecast the demand for the product, taking into account the seasonality
  • will help lawyers to recognize what is written on documents using optical character recognition technologies;
  • in production will predict equipment based on data from sensors.

How to game share on Steam

Perhaps there is no such user who has not heard a lot about Steam. Steam is the absolute record holder for the number of game sales because only this service provides users with such an extensive library of games. So, in this article, we will discuss how to host on Steam.

Key features of Steam

The main idea of Steam is the purchase and launch of computer games. This gaming platform has allowed millions of gamers to unite, creating the world’s largest gaming community, which allows not only to exchange useful information but also to play computer games together.

The Steam platform is available in the web version, accessible through a browser, and has support for all major stationary and mobile operating systems.

In recent years, Steam’s functionality has grown to such an extent that even a developer will probably not be able to tell which of its functions is the main one. Its users are given the following features:

  • Huge library of computer games. Here you can find computer games for any wallet.
  • Licensed games. By purchasing computer games on Steam, you can be sure that the computer game will be regularly updated by the developer, who will optimize and add new features.
  • Family Sharing. Buying computer games does not mean that only you can play them. Using family sharing, you can give your family or close friends access to your library of games, and they, in turn, will respond in kind.
  • Game devices. Valve did not stop at one development of a gaming service, has implemented its own gaming devices.
  • The largest gaming community. The competitive component is implemented here due to the achievement of achievements during the passage of each game. So, for example, to get all the achievements in the famous Portal, you will need to complete the game more than once.
  • High level of protection. Most users invest hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in their Steam accounts. This encourages Valve to regularly improve its security system.
  • Giant sales. Many of our domestic gamers are specifically waiting for the sales period on Steam, which is not in vain: many successful products during this period are sold with huge discounts, which reach up to 90%.

How to share games on Steam

Steam application has a good function – to share games. To do it you need to follow the next steps:

  • To get started, sign in to your Steam account on the computer where you want to share your games. If you haven’t already turned on Steam Guard protection, you’ll need to complete this step before you can share. To do this, go to Steam> Settings> Steam Client Account;
  • Authorize your computer and shared accounts;
  • Enable family library sharing in your account settings. Find this with Steam> Settings> Account in Steam Client. Then turn on sharing through Settings> Sharing Family Libraries;
  • Select accounts to share.

Best driver update software

Games began to blunt, and in general, the speed of the PC has dropped? No need to panic: it may not be a breakdown, but just a driver crashed or outdated. How to quickly restore it with the top driver, the sections below will tell.

What is a device driver and what does it do?

Users know that for all components of a computer, sometimes called “hardware”, and some virtual devices to work properly, special software called a driver must be present in the system. In fact, a driver is a bridge that connects the “hardware” or virtual component of a computer to the operating system and the applications installed in it, and ultimately to the user. Without the right driver, a device is nothing more than a device that doesn’t work.

Where to find?

Windows has a large library of drivers. When you connect a new device to your Windows computer, the operating system automatically detects it and starts searching for the appropriate driver in its library. If one is found, all you need to do is wait for it to be installed. Sometimes Windows also asks you to restart your computer after installing the driver so that you can turn it on and use it.

If Windows does not have the appropriate driver for your new device, it can also use Windows Update to search for the driver on the Internet. If Microsoft servers have a driver for your device, you’ll need to wait for it to download and install.

Why drivers need to be updated?

For the correct operation of the computer or laptop is necessary to periodically update its software, including drivers for devices. Some driver updates are designed to improve performance, while others are designed to fix user-reported errors.

Typically, drivers are updated because manufacturers have found some bugs and are repairing them because they have added new features or because the performance of your device increases with the new version of the driver. Sometimes driver updates can even solve security issues.

The best Driver update software options

The most reliable and high-quality method is to visit the manufacturer’s website and download it manually. However, this decision is one of the slowest. The free program will be the best friend for the lazy and unwilling to visit different pages in search of a new version of a particular.

How do the programs work? Their principle of operation is to scan the ID numbers of each driver and search for them in your database. If a new version is released – the utility makes a replacement. The list of programs includes many manufacturers, so they can find even rare software. Therefore, thanks to specialized software, updating drivers on a PC will not be a slow process.

The list of the best drivers update services on the marketplace includes:

  1. DriverPack
  2. Free Driver Scout
  3. Snappy Driver
  4. Smart Driver Updater
  5. DriverMax
  6. TweakBit 
  7. Driver Booster
  8. Double Driver
  9. DeviceDoctor
  10. DriverFix

These programs make it easy to update device drivers without any difficulty and are especially useful for those who do not want to manually check for driver updates.