Key features of Steam

How to game share on Steam

Perhaps there is no such user who has not heard a lot about Steam. Steam is the absolute record holder for the number of game sales because only this service provides users with such an extensive library of games. So, in this article, we will discuss how to host on Steam.

Key features of Steam

The main idea of Steam is the purchase and launch of computer games. This gaming platform has allowed millions of gamers to unite, creating the world’s largest gaming community, which allows not only to exchange useful information but also to play computer games together.

The Steam platform is available in the web version, accessible through a browser, and has support for all major stationary and mobile operating systems.

In recent years, Steam’s functionality has grown to such an extent that even a developer will probably not be able to tell which of its functions is the main one. Its users are given the following features:

  • Huge library of computer games. Here you can find computer games for any wallet.
  • Licensed games. By purchasing computer games on Steam, you can be sure that the computer game will be regularly updated by the developer, who will optimize and add new features.
  • Family Sharing. Buying computer games does not mean that only you can play them. Using family sharing, you can give your family or close friends access to your library of games, and they, in turn, will respond in kind.
  • Game devices. Valve did not stop at one development of a gaming service, has implemented its own gaming devices.
  • The largest gaming community. The competitive component is implemented here due to the achievement of achievements during the passage of each game. So, for example, to get all the achievements in the famous Portal, you will need to complete the game more than once.
  • High level of protection. Most users invest hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in their Steam accounts. This encourages Valve to regularly improve its security system.
  • Giant sales. Many of our domestic gamers are specifically waiting for the sales period on Steam, which is not in vain: many successful products during this period are sold with huge discounts, which reach up to 90%.

How to share games on Steam

Steam application has a good function – to share games. To do it you need to follow the next steps:

  • To get started, sign in to your Steam account on the computer where you want to share your games. If you haven’t already turned on Steam Guard protection, you’ll need to complete this step before you can share. To do this, go to Steam> Settings> Steam Client Account;
  • Authorize your computer and shared accounts;
  • Enable family library sharing in your account settings. Find this with Steam> Settings> Account in Steam Client. Then turn on sharing through Settings> Sharing Family Libraries;
  • Select accounts to share.